What is NLP Skills?

NLP can help you decide what you want, eliminate barriers, and install patterns of ultimate success in every area of your personal and business life.

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How can you transform your results, acquire new skills, and achieve desired outcomes?

NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute offers on-going, real-time, hands-on, training workshops delivered by world-class trainers.  NOW you can…

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Modeling Excellent Communicators


Ready to acquire the skills you deeply desire and take existing skills to the next level?

Learn from the best!  Certification programs in NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis, and Core Decisional Repatterning© (CDR©).  To get your high-quality training…

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How can an NLP Coaching Agreement help you transform your results?

Your NLP Coach can help you identify old unwanted behaviors, eliminate barriers to success, and transform your abilities.  So, what if you could make the changes you imagine…

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Here’s what students say about NLP Skills Training…

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NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification
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'Dr. Jo' Joann Pina, PhD - Maricopa Community College, Professor

"This program is an experiential & multi-sensory course where magic happens & breakthroughs occur."

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NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification
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Forrest Tlustos, Entrepreneur, Business Strategy Facilitator

"I have been studying NLP for 20 years before I met Bill. Bill has helped me transform my life and achieve excellence in all aspects of my life.  Bill is more than my NLP Coach; He is a trusted advisor and mentor."

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NLP Trainer Certification
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Colin Schneider - Real Estate Agent

"Thank you for your patient care, Bill, and for helping me with my desired outcome."

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NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification
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Janice Palmer, Lawyer, Sedona, Arizona

"Reading about NLP is not the same experience as doing it. The DOING piece puts the work into the REAL WORLD."

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NLP Trainer Certification
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Becca Tokarczyk, Sedona, Arizona

"Bill is an expert in the NLP arena. He is a master who is way beyond the skill level. He magically integrates the information."

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NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification
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Jose Alberto Dunham, Manager Coca-Cola, Phoenix, Arizona

"I came with the expectation to learn techniques to have an impact (on other) people's live's and in the learning process, my life changed without noticing."

NLP Coaching and Skills Training Institute provides individual and group coaching and training programs with what are perhaps the most powerful set of skills on the planet for profound personal change and business excellence!

YOU WILL LEARN about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) skills from Executive Coach, Strategist, and Certified Master NLP Trainer, Bill Thomason, and his associate team-members.

LEARN FROM THE BEST! For more than 30 years, Bill Thomason has been a leader in his field, helping thousands of people, like you, to map out bold new visions, model excellent behaviors from the world’s most successful and inspirational people, and make the changes necessary to redefine the world we all live in.  Now you too can choose, as NLP pioneer Robert Dilts invites us to, ‘join us in designing a world to which we all want to belong.’

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