Participant Reviews

NLP Practitioner & NLP Coach Certification

“I have been studying NLP for 20 years before I met Bill. Bill has helped me transform my life and achieve excellence in all aspects of my life.  Bill is more than my NLP Coach; He is a trusted advisor and mentor.”

—  Forrest Tlustos, Entrepreneur, Business Strategy Facilitator, Phoenix, AZ


NLP Practitioner & NLP Coach Certification

“This program is an experiential & a multi-sensory course where the magic happens & breakthroughs occur.”

—  ‘Dr. Jo’ Joann Pina, PhD, Phoenix, AZ


NLP Trainer Certification

“Thank you for your patient care Bill and helping me with my desired outcome.”

—  Colin Schneider – Real Estate Agent, Phoenix, AZ


NLP Practitioner & NLP Coach Certification

“Reading about NLP is not the same as experience as doing it. The Doing piece puts the work into the Real World.”

—  Janice Palmer, Lawyer, Sedona, Arizona


NLP Trainer Certification

“Bill is an expert in the NLP arena. He is a master. Way beyond the skill level, he magically integrates the information.”

—  Becca Tokarczyk, Myofacial Release/Integra Master Practitioner, Sedona, Arizona


NLP Practitioner & NLP Coach Certification

“I came with the expectation to learn techniques to have an impact (on other) people’s live’s and in the learning process my life changed without noticing.”

—  Jose Alberto Dunham, Manager Coca-Cola, Phoenix, Arizona


Persuasion Skills Workshop 6-16, 2019. “(I am) empowered to create the change to create the life I want.” I learned “my life and relationships are a reflection of my inner life & skills.” 

– Theresa Watson, Entrepreneur, Santa Fe, NM


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