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CULTURE CHANGE – Your company is already recognized by it’s culture.  Is that culture by your CHOICE or by DEFAULT?

1) Business Training Workshops

NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institutes provides tailor-made workshops, seminars and coaching opportunities to business people and groups including:
– Culture Change
Team Building
– Public Speaking
Customer Service
– Alignment Process
Holding to Account
NLP Listening Skills
– Dealing with Conflict
Total Win Negotiating
– Small Group Facilitation
True Customer-Oriented Selling
– Corporate Executive Coaching Programs
– And more…

NLP Business seminars and coaching programs are designed from an initial consultation to meet the needs of your individual organization or team.

We want to make sure we meet the mark and you are comfortable with what will occur and what is at risk before beginning.

Training programs are billed by the day and usually run between $1500 to $3000 per day.

NLP Training Formats may be 1 Day or 2 Day at your business location OR in 3.5 Day, and 4.5 Day increments for off-site venues like a hotel location.  Small Group facilitations may be a half-day.

NLP Executive Coaching Agreements are typically billed in half-day increments.

Contact Bill Thomason for an initial evaluation. 602 321-7192


2) Individual Business Coaching Agreements – NLP Coaching for Business People

An Efficient NLP Business Coach Develops Executives And Entrepreneurs For Growing Their Businesses With Effective Communication Techniques. Schedule Your One-On-One Session Today!

The success of your business career depends on the quality of your communication.

  • Do you sometimes think you have communicated effectively, only to find that someone got the wrong message?
  • Do you worry that you are so busy putting out fires that you are not effectively moving your business and your career forward?
  • Do you worry about saying and doing the right things to build and maintain relationships with those in authority positions?
  • Are you having difficulty balancing work and home life?

You are probably good at what you do, but there are also things you cannot see or predict from your current perspective.

Your NLP Executive Coach will not just give you advice but will help you make the specific changes necessary to achieve excellence.

Your NLP Coach believes you already have all the resources necessary to be effective, but you may have those resources organized in a way that does not allow you to achieve what you want.

Your NLP Coach will support your decision to play a game big enough to inspire you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

A characteristic of highly successful people is that they imagine a desired future and then communicate that vision in a way that enrolls, includes, and empowers other people.

Your coach will help you access your own states of excellence so that you easily exercise the energy, intention, confidence, and assertiveness necessary for extraordinary achievement.

3) Your Corporate Coaching Program

A few years ago, a Corporate Coaching Program may have started in a company when an individual was so positively impacted by the results achieved from her one-on-one coaching sessions that she or he became a champion for coaching inside the organization.

And, today, now that the benefits of professional coaching are better known in the business community, and an executive may recognize symptoms of mediocre to poor performance in the areas of communication, cooperation, team building, values alignment, etc.

He or she may go out looking for a coaching organization like NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute, to facilitate specific outcomes inside her company.

Your Corporate Coaching Program starts with an evaluation of the dynamics and needs of your company.

The rule-of-thumb is; whatever dynamics occur at the top of the organization are usually carried throughout the company.

In the typical scenario, a one or two-day seminar will help to align key personnel with the basic concepts consistent with an excellent, high performing, culture.

Individual participants will meet with an NLP Skills Coach or Trainer and establish short-term and long-term outcomes and agree upon a coaching schedule.


Focus On You

The focus of your NLP Coaching sessions is on you.

Your NLP Executive Coach will assist you to find the resources that are already inside you.

The foundational belief is that you are not broken.

The coaching process will help assist you in setting goals as “well-formed outcomes.”

It will also help you discover and then eliminate the barriers to achieving what you say you want.

You will find new points of view (resources) that will compel you toward excellence and help you develop and maintain the kinds of relationships that support your success into the future.

Most often the things that make the biggest difference are the simplest things that you just cannot see from where you sit.

You will also learn the skill of being ultimately coachable and to sort for where you can be a coach to others.


What impact are you having?

Be prepared to learn what impact you have been having on others.  You may be surprised to learn it is not the one you intended.

Meetings will be scheduled with an executive management team, CEO, or department head to update progress made and to reassess further needs at predetermined times during the Corporate Coaching Program.

Remember: Specific information shared inside a coaching session is confidential.

AND only at your request, the impact of the coaching sessions can be made available.

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