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Your monthly, 6-Month or 1-Year Membership encourages ‘joining hands’ and ‘opening doors’ at the local to global levels.

‘Joining hands’ at the local level includes regular meetings, workshops, training programs, certification, and occasional conferences.

AND – We are ‘opening doors’ to connect to global communities and make a better world.  Whether you are an NLP novice or a seasoned NLP Practitioner, NOW YOU CAN BELONG.

Membership to GCNLP includes:

  • Monthly GCNLP Social Club workshops
  • Access to special online content and resources
  • Meeting like-minded people
  • Practice NLP Skills in a safe and open environment as you learn from world-class instructors

AND: GCNLP is the Certifying Board for Bill Thomason and NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute for:

NLP Associate-level certifications, and NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer, Core Decisiional Repatterning(c), and Hypnosis certifications


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GCNLP Persuasion Club Membership
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