NLP Life Success and Executive Coaching


Over the last few decades, coaching has become a reputable career for both the Life Coach and the Business Coach.

NLP LIfe Success Coaching

As a pioneer of NLP in my early career, I discovered that people who came out of my NLP Practitioner Certifications tended to already be in the 90 percentile of all coaches regardless of training based on ability to help clients make the changes they desired.

I developed my NLP Coach Certification and other coach related training programs based on that observation.

NLP Coach’s simply had more skills than any other coach training models offered.  

That’s why NLP Practitioner Certification is still a PREREQUISITE for certification as an NLP Coach today.

The NLP Coach Certification program inlcudes 3rd generation skills, attitudes, and level of field-awareness.


NLP Skills Business Coaching

A few years ago, a Corporate Coaching Program may have started in a company when an individual was so positively impacted by the results achieved from her one-on-one coaching sessions that she or he became a champion for coaching inside the organization.

And, today, now that the benefits of professional coaching are better known in the business community, and an executive may recognize symptoms of mediocre to poor performance in the areas of communication, cooperation, team building, values alignment, etc.

He or she may go out looking for a coaching organization like NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute, to facilitate specific outcomes inside her company.

Your Corporate Coaching Program starts with an evaluation of the dynamics and needs of your company.

The rule-of-thumb is; whatever dynamics occur at the top of the organization are usually carried throughout the company.

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