About Bill Thomason

A Pioneer in His Field

With more than 30 years experience as a leader in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Bill Thomason is recognized for his work as a world-class NLP Executive Coach, Strategist, and Certified NLP Master Trainer.

Bill combines his extensive educational and business background into his work utilizing NLP Skills, Breakthrough Technology, Core Decisional Repatternig(c), Personal and Business Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and business management training programs.

Bill and his associates can help you make the changes necessary to achieve any outcome you congruently desire individually or in your business organization.

Personal and Business Success

When you have awakened to the fact that what you are doing is not giving you the results anticipated you can make new choices  You can choose to make the changes necessary.

THAT’S RIGHT…NOW, you can achieve the outcomes you congruently desire, improve relationships, and profoundly change your life.  You can even transform your business and your relationship to money and wealth.  AND, what if I were to tell you that you can do it easily, naturally, as you learn a few new skills.


In addition to the many services and skill-sets that Bill offers individually, NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute can assemble a group of world-class change-agents to design your bespoke solution and facilitate your personal and business success.

Bill and his associates are top-performing executive coaches and trainers.  Together, they provide culture change, leadership, listening skills, team building, management, negotiating, selling, and advanced communication skills seminars to individuals, small groups and to Fortune 500 or small to medium-sized companies.

Bill and his NLP Skills Training associates are available for public seminars and speaking engagements.


My Work

What differentiates my work from other coaches and trainers is influenced by what I bring to the work from my personal history and business background.

When I was first exposed to Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP, I already had at least the idea fo an orientation that was holistically-oriented with regard to my personal and business life.

I started my career in the health food business where I learned that an organic approach is most often the best choice when solving problems or filling the gap between current production and what can be achieved from the framework of possibility.

Imbalances within individuals, and for small groups and larger organizations are often systemic and a holistic approach is optimal in getting excellent results.  A holistic, systems-oriented approach allows people to step back from the problem and get a wider perspective.

I asked myself, “Why apply only one tool or methodology…” to what is considered a complicated issue when you can address it from a systems theory perspective and provide a number of avenues simultaneously to resolving the issue?

You need to be able to see from outside the system to get that.

As Albert Einstein famously said, “problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that produced them.”



One thing I liked about NLP is its focus on ‘what works’ as a way of measuring success.

From the NLP point of view, there are many tools that can be applied to any issue and the person with the most variability of behavior usually succeeds in any given situation.

Behavioral Flexibility is a highly valued characteristic of the NLP Coach and Trainer.


How I Got Here

Here’s a little history: In 1985 a friend invited me to a seminar.

Personal growth seminars were in vogue at the time, so I said, “Sure.”

As an afterthought, I asked, “What is the seminar about?” She said, “We are going to ‘walk on fire!!!’

I‘m pretty sure my mouth dropped open.  And I don’t know if I voiced the immediate thought that came to my mind.  The question, “WHY?” formed on my lips. I don’t know if any actual words came out.

At the time I had been working with a prominent Psychologist in Dallas, Texas, Harvey G. Davisson, PhD.

As part of my employment agreement as Operations Director in the packaging of a weight loss/longevity clinic and franchise, I had been learning his technology for changing deep-level programming in people.

At the time I was invited to the seminar, I remembered that I had read a brief article about a young Anthony Robbins in OMNI Magazine.

I was intrigued. I was sure there was more to what Robbins was teaching than just the ‘fire walking’ gimmick.

I attended the 4-day Mind Revolution seminar.

About 35 minutes into the Friday evening start of the 4-day event, I knew that this was the technology I had been looking for. IT SEEMED LIKE MAGIC.  IT SOLVED SO MANY PROBLEMS.

I read everything I could find about NLP.  I attended or staffed seminars until the skills were sinking in deeply with repetition.

I then studied with all the NLP trainers I could access.


And, I practiced the skills.

I continued my studies with and promoted the best-selling author, Anthony Robbins, and was certified in NLP in 1987.

My partner, Quinta Oran (now deceased) and I represented the Robbins Research organization in the North Texas area and we developed a healthy NLP practice that we ran primarily from our home.

After some time, I returned to college at West Texas State University to finish some college work and then moved to Sedona, Arizona in 1991.

I lived in Sedona for about 14 years and then moved to Phoenix, Arizona area.   I married my wife Marsha in 2011.  Now I live and practice as an NLP Coach and NLP Master Trainer from my office in North Phoenix, Arizona 85028.

In addition, I travel and work with business people including Fortune 500 executives as an executive coach and trainer.

NLP and Breakthrough Technology

In addition to personal coaching, workshops and certification programs, part of my business has included corporate training with top Fortune 500 executives.

I co-led seminars with a number of amazing trainers from various backgrounds including the ‘breakthrough’ technology tradition and I have integrated learning experiences from all of them.

I believe I have taken the very best parts of the more head-on, aggressive ‘breakthrough’ style of creating change (best known from the Landmark Education, Inc., and Life Spring seminar groups) with the more permissive NLP approach of creating change from inside rapport with my clients.

I am committed to teaching this approach to my training and coaching associates.


The Business Coaching Perspective

A top business executive can benefit from having a coach to strategize with about the real pressures he or she struggles with on a day by day basis.

Personality-wise, such a coach has to be able to offer a unique perspective from outside the situation and yet be invested enough to stand shoulder-to-shoulder as a trusted member of the team to be an excellent business coach.

When conflicts occur between individuals, an effective NLP Coach is capable of listening closely to people and then suggest or provide to them the resources necessary to unhook the problem in a productive manner.


Tools for Accessing Your Own Resources

There are lots of coaches from a number orientations these days and the training they receive usually derives from a single principle that is actually a long-standing NLP presupposition that says; ‘people already have all the resources necessary to accomplish any outcome they congruently desire.’   More simply stated, ‘the resources to succeed are within you.’

The focus of a coach is not to add input or give advice, but to ask questions in a way that allows the individual to find his or her own answers.  These resources include awareness of how strategies work and how an individual can access his or her own states of excellence.

Where NLP Coach training differs from other programs, is that NLP techniques offer specific tools for creating profound change that most (maybe 90% or more) of the coaches out there, regardless of training, simply do not have in their toolbox.

NLP Coaching is simply more effective.


Integration of Related Technologies

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to study with Tad James (Time Line Therapy(TM), Huna Training, Magical Presentations, and more), Wyatt Woodsmall (Advanced Behavior Modeling, Principled Negotiations), Richard Bandler (Hypnosis, Selling), Michael Grinder (Group Dynamics, Public Speaking, Training), Rodger Bailey (Metaprograms/LAB Profile(tm)), Ian Jackson (Ericksonian Hypnosis), and was certified as an NLP Master Trainer at NLPU in Santa Cruz, California with Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozioer and company.  And, of course, I studied with everyone else I could get myself in front of.

I received NLP Practitioner Certification with Anthony Robbins and the follow-up classes with Robert Bayless.

I received NLP Master Practitioner from Michael Merlina.

I received my NLP Trainer Certification with Quinta Oran who studied with Mary Hail-Haniff in Florida who was a student of Roye Frazer out of the New York/New Jersey area.

I was certified as an NLP Master Trainer at NLPU in Santa Cruz, California with Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozioer and company.

I learned Redecision Therapy (Now known as Core Decisional Repatterning(c)), and Hypnotherapy from Harvey G. Davisson, Ph.D. in Dallas, Texas.

I took Landmark Education’s, ‘The Forum’ seminar and completed their Curriculum for Living series, and I learned ‘breakthrough’ technology from Landmark, Lifespring, and Youth at Risk instructors.

I have worked diligently regularly to provide individual coaching and public workshops and seminars, as well as the NLP Executive Coaching and the culture change work I do with Fortune 500 companies and smaller companies.

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