GCNLP Persuasion Club

(6-Month Membership)

Join the Global Community of NLP Persuasion Club.  Member benefits include the weekly Wednesday Night NLP MeetUps.  And, for a limited time, get 2 additional MeetUps on Thursday Nights each month just for GCNLP Persuasion Club members, as well as significant discounts on upcoming workshops and certification programs.

$160 for 6 Months

Note: NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming and you don’t already have to be an NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner to belong.

Transform your ability to connect, persuade, and influence as you make the personal changes you want now in a safe and fun environment.

Membership with all the benefits is $30 per month. $160 for 6 months. $300 per year.

Call Bill at 602 321-7192.

Click here for our calendar of events.

$160 for 6 Months

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