Stop Smoking NOW
PLUS Program
Your Future
(2 Audio Downloads)

Download our Stop Smoking Now! and Program Your Future audio recordings.  This audio combination is designed to support your decision at a deep emotional level to BE TOBACCO FREE!  These two audios work together to reinforce your new healthy non-smoking lifestyle.

Listen to this audio hypnosis recording at least once per day.


Stop Smoking Now! and Program Your Future (2 audio set)

These 2 audios work together for hypnosis reinforcement and give the positive suggestions to be tobacco free and make the decision to stop smoking, NOW!

The second audio recording, Program Your Future, is also by NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason.  This is conscious hypnotic process.  Just follow the suggestions presented as you put yourself fully into the story-like process. 

Bill will help you put a new future in place to replace the old behavior, and you can do it easily and naturally; relatively without pain or withdrawal symptoms.

Remember to listen to each of these 2 audio recordings at least once per day as you relax and as you follow the positive suggestions you will create the compelling new future you necessary to LIVE FULLY and be TOBACCO FREE!lf

Remember to keep on saying to yourself, “I’m a NON-SMOKER NOW!” and your unconscious mind won’t let you be a liar.


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