Set & Enforce Your Boundaries
(Audio Download)

Set and Enforce our Boundaries (Download) – This audio download is a talk about how to set and enforce boundaries.

‘Good fences make good neighbors’ as the poem goes. Most of us don’t have good role models for setting early appropriate boundaries or enforcing them gently but firmly. 


Set and Enforce our Boundaries (Download)

This audio download is a treatment of how to set and enforce boundaries.

Culturally, most people do not  have good role models of how to set boundaries effectively with other people or within ourselves.

We tend NOT to setting appropriate boundaries with others in an attempt to avoid being hurtful or in order to look good so people think better of us.

The problem is that since we fail to let people know clearly what is OK or NOT OK for us.

When people naturally push in past the point where we are comfortable, we have a strong negative reaction.

We feel violated and make ourselves victim of the other person; but who is responsible?

This audio recording will give you a chance to re-consider and recalibrate how you set clear boundaries and how soon with people.

Setting early and clearly defined boundaries and enforcing them gently but firmly becomes the kinder way of dealing with people.


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