Build Collaborative Teams

Sustaining high performance in today’s rapidly changing, competitive business environment is a challenge facing every business.

Things are changing so quickly that many people report a feeling of overwhelm at the sheer volume of information they must deal with every day. Time seems short. Tension levels rise. Productivity suffers.

A Collaborative Team

The desire to meet obligations and deadlines can produce value trade-offs. Relationships get pushed to the side.

Rivalries and personal conflicts emerge.

People begin to feel that their contribution is not recognized or appreciated.

The lines between professional and home life get blurred.

It is not always clear what roles people should be performing.

All of his stifles the creativity and risk-taking behavior that characterize a high-performance culture.


“Your business culture is your competitive advantage.”

NLP Skills Training will design our Collaborative Teams Work seminar to meet your specific needs and wants.

The truth is: your company is already identified by the culture you have in place.

The question you must ask is: “Is this the culture you want to be identified by?”

The first step in building a sustainable high-performance culture is to identify the gap between what you say you stand for and what is actually produced.

It is in this gap that you will find the opportunity for extraordinary achievement.



Although participants report learning new behaviors, our Collaborative Teams Work seminar is not a skills-based program.

Instead, the seminar is an intervention in how individuals and teams communicate and work together.

Collaborative Teams Work is designed to have participants gain greater personal awareness, explore the underlying motivators behind the behavior, and discover the impact that individuals have on others.

The program creates an environment where participants can make new choices about how they want to interact as full members of the team in the future.


Participants will learn:

  • How to know when other people feel heard by you
  • A model for working through even the most difficult issues
  • To proactively listen to your co-workers and external clients
  • To recognize what is important to others and communicate more effectively
  • Ways to build and sustain committed partnerships and strategic alliances
  • Seminar Particulars


Group size:

8-12 people, 2.5 days
12-15 people, 3.5 days


Offsite/residential, specific arrangements will be made prior to starting the seminar. Breaks are scheduled every 90 minutes on average.

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