Business Team Alignment

A high-performance team is motivated by an outcome big enough to inspire extraordinary performance.

Even a high functioning team needs to be able to align the energies of its members in a way that moves them powerfully in a chosen direction.

When a visionary leader decides upon a ‘stake in the ground,’ The NLP Alignment Process can pull even your most disparate team members into a powerful alignment that gains momentum and allows for individual contribution in a safe environment.


Start with Vision and Values

Every great company has a leader who holds the spirit and vision of the organization.

The same can be true on every natural team in the company.

Once values are aligned at the Vision level, the work to bring alignment among teams with different functions can begin in a powerful way.

True alignment recognizes the voices of all concerned parties and once fully voiced the individual must be ready and able to put varying opinions aside and fully commit to the direction chosen by the group.


The Alignment Process


The NLP Skills Alignment Process allows for the magic of collaboration to bring ideas, resources, and personal contribution to a focal point that supports and moves the Vision into actionable chunks.


Alignment is not consensus and it is not simply an agreement.

A consensus is where a majority of members of a group or team are at least at the moment in agreement with a particular idea or direction.

The problem with a consensus is that is a weak agreement and the reasons people choose to be in consensus can change moment by moment.

Consensus does not inspire strong commitment.

An agreement is stronger than a consensus, but again as circumstances shift and change, individual commitments waver and group direction can break down.

When a team comes together in a true alignment, commitment is firm and direction is clear and solidly supported by all team members creating a strength of intention not found in either consensus or agreement.

Individual points of view are fully heard and put aside if necessary for the higher purpose of the group.



A fully aligned team takes the time up front to consider decisions that are healthy with the intention to preserve and further the cohesiveness of the team and also to produce effective results.

If the direction the group decides upon turns out to be less resourceful, the group simply comes together with the new information that is bound to be available by this time and chooses another course of action.

Group resolve is never lost and people experience being fully heard by the team and by association by the organization.

The NLP Skills Alignment process may take a team through a process of experiencing a number of different perceptual positions, as in 1st position (present self), 2nd position (other), and 3rd position (observer) and through a temporal filter from past, present, and into the future. Logical levels are considered as well.

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