True Customer Oriented Selling

Become The Best Salesperson You Can With True Application Of Customer-Oriented Sales Tactics With Our Best-Selling NLP Models

Bill Thomason and the NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute has made a study of extraordinarily successful performers.

The very best salespeople are good listeners.

They know how to elicit what customers want and need and they build relationships.

Salespeople often have a tendency to assume they know the primary concerns of a customer and therefore miss valuable clues that would allow customers to achieve full satisfaction.


Our Customer-Oriented Selling seminar is a hands-on, experiential seminar that teaches quick and effective ways to recognize the values and issues of your potential and existing customers and reduce the likelihood of buyers remorse.


In addition, you can expect to expand your behavioral flexibility, learn specific skills based on cutting-edge technologies for change and advanced communication skills.

Come with an open mind. Be ready to learn new skills, think new thoughts, and consider new possibilities for how you approach the art and science of selling.


What will participants learn:

How your habitual behaviors may be killing your sales
To gain instant rapport with any internal or external client
To recognize specific behavioral clues that most salespeople miss
How to deal with difficult personalities
To get to the deeper issues behind objections
To elicit values and strategies that give leverage to the sales process
To avoid the need to be right
To leave customers feeling totally heard and fully satisfied with the process


Skills Sets:

Eliciting values
The Goldi-Locks Satisfaction Model
How to Unhook Stuck States
Recognize the Communication Styles of Others


Seminar Length:

3 days,
Ask about the half day & 1-day introductory workshops


Group size:

8-12 people
or 12-15 people
Groups of more than 15 people require special consideration

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