Total-Win Negotiating©

This Total-Win Negotiating© (The Total-Win Mindset) training workshop is modeled from basic concepts of the Harvard School of Law’s Negotiation Project in the 1970’s.

This 3-day seminar is designed to give participants the basic skills to achieve desired outcomes and to communicate more effectively in their personal and business lives’.

The Total-Win mindset is an approach to negotiating that gives parties the best possible chance of getting everything they want and often more.


It starts from two basic beliefs:

“There is almost always more on the table than people realize.” and “All parties can get their interests met.”

Most people view negotiating is a tit-for-tat bargaining process where parties compromise and often come away frustrated with less.

Old negotiating models are a ‘zero-sum game.’  There is always a winner and a loser.

‘Hard negotiating’ styles are old-school and are simply not effective in today’s world.

Regardless of the short-term desire to win, ‘Hard negotiators’ don’t really win in the long run because people feel taken advantage of and will often ‘get them back.’  Reputations can suffer.

From the Total Win perspective, however, there is no such thing as a win-lose negotiation.


The most effective negotiators are those who set out to achieve Total-Win outcomes. 

They make sure everyone in the negotiation gets fully heard and they negotiate from a principled foundation.

Total-Win negotiators operate from the belief system that says everyone can walk away from the table satisfied.


Total-Win is a mindset and it can be thought of as an inner “martial art.”

In this training program, participants will learn specific communication skills of top principled negotiators.

People often get stuck in one position or another and it can be difficult for them to be flexible.

By modeling successful principled strategies, participants can learn to get what they want without “giving in” and without destroying the relationship with those involved.


“How can both sides win??”

Both sides win by breaking down the idea that there should be sides.

This program is designed to teach you specifically how to prepare, listen, and then communicate effectively.

Considered a “martial art” of effective negotiating, this training will teach you to go beyond conflict and into powerful rapport.

Together, we will explore how you deal with conflict and you will receive hands-on coaching on how to push through fears and limiting beliefs.

You will learn you do not have to settle for less. With Total-Win Negotiating you do not have to “give in” and you won’t damage future relationships.

Relationships are actually strengthened through Total-Win Negotiating.


Total-Win Negotiations as a 3-day business seminar.

Each participant will receive a 30-page Total Win Negotiating manual. Specific assignments will be given over breaks, lunch periods, and overnight breaks that are designed to enhance the learning experience and anchor individual skills to contexts outside the classroom.

You will also learn to:

Establish the Total-Win Mindset
Clean up past emotional issues
Separate the person from the problem
Discover your default negotiating style
Get to the real issues underneath positions
Prepare to negotiate effectively with anyone
Change the game to a principled foundation
Establish and maintain deep and lasting rapport
Negotiate powerfully without needing to use force
Listen in a way that others experience being fully heard
Deal effectively with people who try to intimidate or bully
Distinguish between old-style and Total-Win Negotiating
Establish Agreements on Principle from the very beginning
Recognize and counter hard move tactics and resolve conflict
Develop out-of-the-box lateral thinking strategies in the moment
Brainstorm from the same side of the table and generate options
Deal more effectively with all aspects of business and personal life



The 5-Step Negotiating Model
Preparation for a Negotiation
1st and 2nd Perceptual Positions
Understanding BATNA
Determine Values & Beliefs of Parties
Anchor States of Excellence
Clean up from past issues
Use of Outside Standards
Separate People from Problems
Chunking to the Real Issue
Persuasive language patterns
Backtracking and Dovetailing
Deal with Conflict



This training will give each participant an opportunity to

Develop deep and lasting rapport
Drastically reduce argument in relationships
Communicate effectively as a team
Overcome conflicts and stuck states
Practice individual skills and integrate learning
Hold others to account without making them wrong
Work through real-life working and/or personal situations



Approximately 1/3 will be lecture, discussion, and learning from Flip Charts and other materials, 1/3 will be interactive exercises, and 1/3 will be a debriefing of exercises.

Participants will be encouraged to participate through the filter of their individual job description or personal experience in debriefs and other discussions.

Participants will be expected to negotiate based on a prepared scenario early in the training. They will then learn the skills and attitudes of Total-Win Negotiating and then will conduct at least two role-play negotiations and/or real-life negotiations with other team members present in the training in small group breakouts.

In addition, specific assignments will be given during breaks, lunch, and overnight so that learning is anchored to multiple life and work contexts and will be transferrable to on-the-job responsibilities.


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