Visionary Leadership Workshop

Visionary Leadership is the foundation of High Performance.

Your existing ‘mission statement’ may not be enough to motivate team members to align behind a common goal that will produce High-Performance Results.

NLP Skills Training utilizes unique technology to help you discover the critical elements necessary to drive your company to extraordinary achievement.

Centered around the strong values of inspirational leadership, we facilitate the full alignment process that brings the disparate threads of your organization into a focus around clearly defined and communicated intentions.

Emotional and Intellectual Capitol

Focusing The Emotional And Intellectual Energy Of Your Organization

When committed individuals align around an internal sense that the game they are playing is bigger than the ordinary aspirations expressed in average companies, they get to contribute in extraordinary ways to the mutual success that now how has meaning in the larger scope of human affairs.


Your people want to contribute.

This process brings out the best in all of us to achieve more; be more in life.

Given the opportunity, everyone can access a place inside themselves that is connected, centered, and focused on a higher purpose.

From this place, you will stand in a new future where ambiguity and static interferences wash away and make room for possibilities that could not be accessed even moments before.


Bill Thomason invites you into a conversation that will help you focus your vision in a way that will inspire excellence at every level inside your company.

Elegantly communicate what you want your company to say to the world.

This is a great starting place to learn how we will work with you and explore the ways NLP Skills Training can serve the needs of your company.

Your visioning process is typically completed in one to three sessions.

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