Advanced Coaching Certification:

Core Decisional Repatterning©

Core Decisional Repatterning© (4-Day Certification).  CDR© is the foundational technology for Bill Thomason’s profound life-change coaching model developed over more than 30 years.


Core Decisional Repatterning(c) Certification – 4-Day workshop

Core Decisional Repatterning(c) or CDR(c) is a profound change technology designed around the power of a deep emotional decision.  Now, you can change your core programming.

CDR(c) is a 9-Step Technology for discovering limitations in programming that have prevented a person from achieving what they say they want in life.

Core Decisional Repatterning© is the foundational technology for this highly effective coaching model developed by Bill Thomason.

Over more than 30 years Bill has been developing this CDR© technology from NLP language patterns, values and belief work, Structured Depth Metaphor©, Redecision Therapy.and many sources.

Bill says that ‘all programming is in place due to decisions made a deep emotional level.’

A large proportion of our programming is already in place by age 4-5 in most people.  New programming can displace old unresourceful programs and a new decision can be installed.

Bill has created a 9-Step Technology that effectively identifies limited life programs and unresourceful beliefs and replaces the old decisions with life-enhancing a new foundational network made up of new decisions and drives them to a deep emotional level.  

By modeling people who have made profound life changes; usually made in moments that were from traumatic events; Bill has crafted this powerful technology to make profound life change possible.

Even deep level programming from developmental issues can be changed in most cases.  CDR(c) is then a process for installing a new life-empowering core-level decision that will dramatically and profoundly change lives in only a few coaching sessions.

Never doubt and never underestimate the power of a deep emotional decision

This is also the advanced NLP Coach training.  Learn this specific technology for finding the source of limiting life programs that have stopped you in the past and install new life-enhancing decisions to profoundly change reality.

Attend if you are an NLP Practitioner, coach, counselor, nurse or just want to learn to help other make a deep level life change.

Learn the basics of this powerful change technology from developer Bill Thomason.


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