NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Get the BOLD of Robbins!  The GENIUS of the Co-Founders, Bandler and Grinder!  And the MAGIC of NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason


Take your NLP Practitioner level skills to the next level.  In this NLP Master Practitioner Certification program, you will learn…

How to plan for, install, and maintain, push/pull motivational systems to super-charge your ability to achieve all you want in life and assist others with specific NLP patterns more sophisticated than your NLP Practitioner level skills.

Learn the Hypnotic Language Patterns of Milton H Ericson MD, Sleight of Mouth patterns, and integrate the ability to design and deliver powerful therapeutic metaphors inside open loops.

In the NLP Master Practitioner Certification you will learn everything you need to know about Language Patterns and therapeutic metaphor and how to utilized any information or behavior that comes up in your clients.  The 3-Day NLP Hypnosis Certification is designed to be taken with the NLP Master Practitioner Certification (10-Days all together). 

Experience Master Practitioner NLP Life-Change Patterns including Re-Imprinting, Core Decisional Repatterning(c), how to unhook emotional Gestalts (SEE’s) with timeline techniques, and so much more.


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