NLP Presenter & Trainer

In this 6-month ONLINE training, you will learn specific NLP Trainer-level skills, to present with presence, small-chunk group dynamics, 3rd Generation NLP techniques, and more.


$2177  NOW $877

Bill Thomason, NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute, and Global Community of NLP (GCNLP) are happy to announce:

NLP Presenter & Trainer Certification 2022

REGISTER NOW! for this SPECIAL ONLINE NLP Presenter & Trainer Training.

NOW YOU CAN join a dedicated group of like-minded people who will learn specific NLP Trainer-level skills and work together to assist each other in learning magical presenting skills, little-known secrets of group dynamics, and 3rd Generation NLP techniques as you master the ability to speak to both parts of the brain and present yourself with presence.

Model the Presence and Charisma of the World’s Greatest Communicators Including: Mahatma Gandhi, JFK, Walt Disney, and Steve Jobs, and more.

Expect to model the world’s greatest communicators as you are held comfortably and safely in the capable hands of our training staff. Bill Thomason will be your primary trainer.

Bill and his training staff will weave cutting-edge material with social influence and persuasion with self-verifiable, proven group dynamic skills to transform your ability to magically reach any audience. This is NOT a rehashing of tired old techniques.

Learn about:

  • Coaching States
  • Field Awareness
  • Group Dynamics
  • Business Management Tools
  • The 8-Part Presentation Model
  • Presentation and Platform Skills
  • Core Decisional Repatterning(c)
  • Model Excellent Entrepreneurship
  • 3rd Generation Concepts and Patterns
  • Trainer-level NLP Life-Change Patterns
  • Acquire New Business and Marketing Models

You will be well-prepared, genuine, comfortably focused, and emotionally connected as you communicate past conscious filters into the unconscious motivations. You will also learn powerful group dynamic skills, charisma training, business management skillsets, and specific entrepreneurial models to ensure your personal and business success. Deeply engage as you deliver your message in a way that resonates powerfully with any audience!

This is a Special 6-Month ONLINE training program where you will be in a safe environment to explore and learn. You will be evaluated on your own performance, how you help others on your team, and how you have developed the attitudes and beliefs of an NLP Trainer and Presenter. You will be evaluated by peers and, upon certification, recognized by the certification board of Global Community of NLP (GCNLP).


$2177  NOW ONLY $877


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