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    July 17, 2021

    Belief Buster Workshop - ONLINE 1-Day

    9:00 AM-4:00 PM

    Belief Buster Workshop – ONLINE 1-Day Saturday July 17, 2021

    This1-Day ONLINE Belief Buster Workshop can help you change even life-long, repetitive, limiting behaviors that have stopped you from have the joy and freedom you actually want in your life.

    Beliefs are part of and built around VALUES; the deepest level of our programming.  Like values, beliefs exist at the identity level.  They provide us with direction and meaning in life. 

    Beliefs make up what we perceive as reality and they tend to operate behind the scenes at an unconscious
 level  to motivate our behaviors.  Our beliefs can generate resourceful and life-affirming behaviors or they can be debilitating and devastatingly harmful.

    You will learn recognize your own beliefs and how they work at a deep unconscious level and to pay attention to subtle physiological cues that tell you when the old pattern is interrupted, so you can integrate new programming and generate new behaviors.

    You will also learn about Conversational Belief Change techniques taught in the advanced workshop on Language Patterns of NLP.

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