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04/04/2020 - 04/05/2020 All day
NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute
Phone:602 321-7192
Address: 11811 N Tatum Blvd., P102, Phoenix, AZ 85028

Heartistic Transformation© & The Forgiveness Pattern is a 2-Day workshop.

Heartistic Transformation© represents a complete therapeutic protocol developed by NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason to help you make deep and lasting changes in your life.

Heartistic Transformation© is largely modeled from the work of the late Lester Levinson and integrating healing concepts from Huna, the spiritual healing system of the ancient Hawaiians.  This pattern takes into account ecology for the individual to make sure a particular change is a good thing and will create the anticipat©ed positive results.

Register now for April 4-5, 2020.  $237.

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