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The NLP Belief Buster ONLINE Saturday Workshop will give you basic NLP Skills and Language Patterns and an understanding of how change occurs in normal conversation, an understanding of how Beliefs are built from and related to Values, as well as a personal experience with the NLP Belief Change and other related patterns.

Bill Thomason will be your primary NLP Master Trainer and Daniel Clark will assist your facilitation in the powerful NLP Life-Change experience.  Come to learn.  Be ready to experience the changes in order to understand how to help yourself and work with others to see profound changes before your very eyes.  The Zoom video conference will start at 9am and end by 4pm, with 4 sessions allowing breaks between the online sessions.

Register NOW in order to recieve your Zoom Invitation URL code and your MS Word or PDF Manual before start of the workshop on Saturday. Only $87 for each participant.

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    06/18/2021 - 06/20/2021 All day

    This special 3-day weekend, Total-Win Negotiating© Workshop is designed to give participants the basic skills to achieve desired outcomes and to communicate more effectively in their personal and business life. Attend 9am-6:00pm each day.

    Total-Win Negotiating© is a mindset that ‘switches the game’ from old adversarial negotiating models and creates a new mindset that makes sure all parties get their interests met.

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