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03/01/2019 9:00 AM - 03/03/2019 6:00 PM
Bill Thomason
Phone: 602 321-7192

NLP Hypnosis Certification

In this NLP Hypnosis Certification course you will learn to bring people into suggestible states through deep trance phenoemena as well as normal conversation.   Prerequisite for this course is NLP Master Practitioner Certification.

You will learn the hypnotic techniques of Milton H Erickson MD and utilization of everything that happens to bring yourself and others into profound states of trance.

You will learn from how Hypnosis is one of the cornerstones of NLP and through this course amazing experience you will understand the hypnosis foundations at a level far beyond any traditionally taught hypnosis training.

With more than 25 years training experience, Bill Thomason will be your trainer.  Bill is a recognized NLP Master Trainer and Hypnotherapist.  Bill will guide on this journey that will teach you Deep Structure Metaphor(c) Construction, language patterns, and sleight of mouth, and much more.

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