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02/16/2019 - 02/22/2019 All day

NLP Master Practitioner 7-Day - 9am-6pm each day, February 16-22 2019.

That's Right!  When You Attend This Amazing NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training Experience Now You Will Take Your Skills to the Next Level!  

This is your best chance ever to learn:

  • Finer distinctions on attitudes and behaviors of an NLP Master Practitioner
  • Push-Pull Propulsions Systems
  • Advanced Language Patterns - (Sleight of Mouth)
  • Advanced Hypnotic Techniques
  • Advanced Anchoring
  • Advanced Strategies
  • Advanced Submodalities
  • Learn Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns (Time Line)
  • The Healing Power of Stories (Structured Depth© Therapeutic Metaphor Construction)
  • Advanced Meta-Programs of NLP
  • Advanced Life Change Patterns of NLP

This program is meant to be taken with NLP Hypnosis March 1-3.

Your Trainers: Bill Thomason, NLP Master Trainer, Christopher Shiver, NLP Trainer.

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