GCNLP Persuasion 1/2-Day ONLINE Workshop - NLP Coaching and Skills Training Institute

GCNLP Persuasion 1/2-Day ONLINE Workshop

This GCNLP Persuasion 1/2 Day ONLINE Saturday workshop will be on ZOOM video conferencing.  You’ll get the invitation for this 2 session program starting at 9am-10:30am and finishing 10:4am5-12noon, Saturday, July 11, 2020.

Learn powerful NLP Skills to up your game, supercharge your ability to influence others, and become irresistibly persuasive.  Register now to learn specific NLP rapport skills and language patterns.  Bill Thomason and Daniel Clark will facilitate the MeetUp.  Register NOW for this ZOOM Video 2-Session ONLINE morning workshop. Only $30.

Don’t forget to get your ZOOM invite when you register and to turn on your audio and video on you computer or smart phone.