Free Wednesday Evening MeetUp

FREE! NLP Phoenix/Scottsdale MeetUp, NLP Practice Group MeetUp, and NLP Power MeetUp all meet 7-8:30 pm at NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute, 11811 N Tatum Blvd, P102 or P120, Phoenix, AZ 85028. Come to the south entrance to the glass-mirrored building.  (This is a FREE event and you can also give a gift of $10 if you receive value.)

For more information or directions – Call Bill 602 321-7192.


FREE!  NLP MeetUp –  (If you receive value you may want to do an energy exchange of $10.)

Come away each week with a specific skill or technique.

Transform your communication and rapport skills to influence with integrity and create profound change within yourself and with friends, family, clients, and everyone else.

We’ll cover a different subject each week and you don’t have to already know a lot of NLP to profoundly change your results in life from these meetings.

For beginners or for advanced NLP students, practitioners, and coaches.

You can give a $10 energy exchange as you may choose or just come.  Call 602 321-7192 for more information.

You can RSVP by joining MeetUp.com and subscribing to one of the groups, OR send email to Bill Thomason [email protected] so we can plan for room size and seating.