Language of Influence
(1-Day Zoom Online)

You will learn to recognize and communicate in the specific language and behavior patterns of people with whom you interact.

Bill Thomason will be your guide and trainer for this dynamic skills enhancing experience.

Only $97

Get More of What Is Important to You.  Become the ultimate communicator. 

LEARN 4-5 powerful language and behavior patterns that introduce the more complete MetaProgram profile and will transform your communication and effectiveness in life.

This is your best and fastest way to learn specific language in order to open up unconscious influence with anyone because you’ll be using their specific coding for what has meaning to them in their own Neuro-Linguistic reality.

Use their own specific language, like tumblers in a lock, to open the mind’s code of the individual in front of you as you become a Master of Influence.

By the time you reach the 3/4 mark of this training, you’ll be thinking, and feeling these patterns in a way that will reorganize your brain and nervous system.

You’ll see every communication through the series of templates that are MetaPrograms.

You’ll be changed as the patterns become an automatic part of your natural abilities and self-concept.

You will become more effective in getting what you say you want in life.

Eliminate common miscommunications and instead build deep and lasting rapport.

Magically persuade anyone, anywhere, any time.


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