MetaPrograms of
Self Actualization
(2-Day Weekend Workshop)

Self Actualization is described at the top of the pyramid on Abraham Maslow’s ‘Heirarchy of Needs’ and refers to the need for growth of an individual towards fulfillment and meaning in his or her life.

You will learn to optimize your own MetaProgram patterns in order to experience being a Self-Actualized person.


We All Assume Everyone Else is Operating the Same Way We Do; But They Just Don’t!

We all have different patterns in differing combinations and since they operate at an unconscious level in our programming, we expect everyone to operate based on the same patterns that we have. Miscommunications are often the result.

When you communicate with people using their own MetaProgram patterns, their unconscious mind will experience that you understand them.  They have a “just like me” experience of you.   Deep and lasting rapport is the result.

Self-Actualization at the top of his Needs Hierarchy

This workshop will give you the experience of your own Self Actualized target state based on your own specific MetaPrograms for success so that you can experience it over and over again until it is integrated fully.

With more than 30 years experience as an NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason will be your guide and trainer for this dynamic life awakening experience.


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