NLP Coaching Agreement
2 Month Minimum

(That’s a $50 discount off the single session rate)

NLP Coaching sessions are typically once per week for ‘in office’ visits or by telephone  or internet with a 3 session per month minimum.

If you get more than the minimum 3 sessions per month, there is no extra charge.

With this minimum expectation, your NLP Coach can confidently do what is necessary to move you toward the outcomes you say you want.


This NLP Coaching Agreement – 2-Month Minimum is the primary and most preferred program for NLP Coaching.

In some cases, sessions may be done on internet chat, so wherever you are in the world, you can get one-on-one, real-life NLP Coaching input.

Your NLP Success Coach won’t just give you advice, but gently and firmly nudge you to do more and be more than you would achieve on your own.

Expect to be fully heard by your NLP Coach.

NLP Coaching sessions can be paid each month in advance with our 2-month minimum NLP Coaching Agreement or you get a $50 discount for payment up front.

Your word is important.  Integrity calls for you to do what you say you will do.  Being responsible for your agreements including on-time payment for coaching is an important symbol that you are successful in your coaching relationship.