NLP MetaPrograms of Self-Actualization

Experience Your Own Self-Actualized State with NLP MetaPrograms

What are MetaPrograms of NLP?  

The MetaPrograms of NLP are language and behavior patterns expressed in how we sort for information and are similar to ‘trait theory’ and Carl Jung’s ‘type theory’ in Psychology.

The MetaPrograms of NLP tend to be simpler and easier to understand and recognize.  We all have different language and behavior patterns and they operate at an unconscious level in our programming.

We tend to expect everyone else to operate based on the same patterns that we have.  Miscommunications are often the result.  When we understand another person’s MetaPrograms, we can easily be more tolerant and communicate the way the other person needs to receive communication.  Naturally, you will be more successful and persuasive.

Are you Self-Actualized?

In 1939, Organismic Psychologist, Kurt Goldstein, theorized that Self-Actualization is the ‘master motive’ of all organisms and that expressing creativity, the quest for spiritual enlightenment, the pursuit of knowledge, and the desire to contribute to society are examples of self-actualization.  He suggests the drive to actualize oneself to the best of one’s ability is the one real motive of any organism.

Carl Rogers wrote: “man’s tendency to actualize himself, to become his potentialities… to express and activate all the capacities of the organism.” is a ‘curative force’ in Psychotherapy.

Motivational Psychologist, Abraham Mazlow in 1954, suggested Self-Actualization is an attainable state at the top level on his ’Needs Hierarchy’ pyramid.  Note: Lower levels have to be satisfied in order to move to the next higher level in his model of motivation.

  • Self-actualization – Personal growth, fulfillment
  • Esteem – Achievement, status, responsibility, reputation
  • Love/Belonging – Social including family, affection, relationship, work groups
  • Safety – Protection including, security, order, law, limits, stability
  • Biological/Physiology – Basic life needs including: food, water, air, shelter, warmth, sex, shelter, sleep

Mazlow wrote, “To be Self-Actualized is becoming ‘“fully human,” and is the “maturity of self-actualization.”  He used words like, ‘self-discovery, self-reflection, self-realization, and self-exploration’ in explaining aspects of Self-Actualization.

With the permission of Mazlow’s family after his death, prolific NLP author, L. Michael Hall collected notes from an unfinished manuscript promising to complete his last book.  Hall’s book is titled Unleashed – A Guide to the Ultimate Self-Actualization.

This NLP MetaPrograms of Self-Actualization workshop will help you ‘sort for’ and integrate the ideal MetaPrograms to support and ‘anchor’ your own Self-Actualized state.  You will have the experience of being Self-Actualized based on your own specific MetaPrograms.

Bill Thomason will be your trainer for this dynamic life enhancing and awakening experience.  Contact Bill at 602 321-7192 or register now:

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