Certification: NLP Practitioner (Weekends) - NLP Coaching and Skills Training Institute

NLP Practitioner Certification

Get the BOLD of Tony Robbins!
The GENIUS of the Co-Founders, Bandler and Grinder!
And MAGIC of world-class NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason!

Includes download of audio study materials

1. Get Everything You Always Wanted &
2. Presuppositions of NLP.


NLP is the most powerful technology on the planet for profound personal change and business excellence.

Learn primary NLP Skills of rapport, influence with integrity, persuasion, negotiating and helping yourself and others to make the changes necessary to get any outcome you congruently desire in your life.

You will be challenged! You will experience a caring environment and you will learn to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.

Your life will positively never be the same.

With the skills you learn, you can explore and integrate new thoughts, new feelings, new choices, and you can acquire highly successful new behaviors.

This course is meant to be taken along with NLP Coach Certification.  Get the discounted pricing when you pay both now.