Design The Life You Love Living (ONLINE)

This Design the Life You Love Living with Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns workshop will profoundly change your life.

(1-Day ONLINE Workshop)

Original price was: $237.00.Current price is: $87.00.

Design the Life You Love Living Workshop – ONLINE ZOOM meeting.  Hours are 9am-4:00 pm,  January 13, 2024.  Register now!

Profoundly change your life for the better.

Everyone should do this workshop at least once per year.

It’s an amazing adventure on your timeline and you won’t have to learn the whole model to get the benefits.

You will:

  • Decide what you congruently want in life
  • Come away with written goals as outcomes
  • Eliminate past programming that prevented success in the past
  • Install (program) a new future so compelling you cannot help but achieve it

Expanding Folded Time(c) Patterns offer you powerful techniques for generating profound personal change.

Consider that memories are a myth.  We encode memories through our own filters and others who were there tend to remember events differently.

And some people actually spend much more time in the past or future than in present reality.

The only problem with past events is that you made those circumstances mean something about you; often something limiting.

NOW, what if you could go back and re-represent limiting past events so that you now come out with empowering beliefs and powerfully successful present programming.

This ‘do-it-to-you’ workshop involves closed-eye processes so you don’t have to learn the techniques to benefit from this life-changing training experience.

Contact Bill at 602 321-7192 or you can register right here, right now for this life-changing workshop.

Original price was: $237.00.Current price is: $87.00.

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