Intro To Hypnosis Workshop (1 Day)

This 1-Day workshop you will learn basic and advanced skills in order to help friends, family, and clients, and of course yourself.


Its sometimes said that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  Learn about Milton H Erickson, MD.  Erickson was the foremost Hypnotherapist of our time and used artfully vague language, therapeutic metaphor, and covert techniques to communicate past the conscious filters of others.  Erickson taught us that you don’t always have to get people into a deep closed-eye relaxation trance for them to be ultimately receptive your well-timed permissive suggestions.  Milton taught us to invite people into profound trance states using language, tonality, metaphor, and physiological cues.

Learn to communicate beyond the conscious filters of anyone you meet, even in normal conversation.  Great communicators are great hypnotherpists; they listen and they elicit appropriate high quality information and then feed that information back in a way that is undeniably desirable because it is in the form of their own natural neural coding.  Your friends, spouse, clients will love to experience what you provide.  Now you can learn to help people make the changes they say they want; specifically the way they want it.


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