Modeling Workshop: Strategies of Genius

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(Weekend  1-Day ZOOM)

Genius is no longer thought to be a gift you have to be born with, but a learnable set of skills.

NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason, will lead you on this amazingly fun learning experience.

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This Strategies of Genius 1-Day ZOOM Workshop takes you deeper into the core technology, Behavior Modeling, that makes NLP possible.

You will learn how to elicit, decompose, and install the component parts of expertise, extraordinary ability, and yes, even genius in yourself and in others.

Learn to look, hear, feel, taste, and smell from within the creative minds of Leonardo DaVinci, Aristotle, William James, Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Jesus of Nazareth, Walt Disney and more.

This training is designed to expand your abilities and perceptions as you are totally capable of creating new neural connection that give you a deep experience of expertise and, yes, even genius.   

Bill Thomason will lead you on a fun journey to discover ‘the difference that has made the difference’ in some of the world’s most successful people.


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