Natural Body Weight & Shape PLUS Program Your Future

(Audio Download)

Two audio recordings.  This two audio recording set includes Your Natural Body Weight & Shape (hypnosis) and Program Your Future (conscious hypnotic process) audio recordings.

Listen to each audio recording at least once per day.

Find a place you won’t be disturbed, turn your phone off, and simply relax, as you integrate the positive suggestions.


Listen to both the Natural Body Weight & Shape (hypnosis) audio, and your Program Your Future (conscious process) audio at least once per day.

Your job here is to get in touch with your ‘body’ and listen to what it says; not what your ‘mind’ says and then create a compelling new future.

Your body know exactly what you should be doing.  You just were not listening.

You will learn to allow extra weight to melt away and begin to live the healthy lifestyle that supports your new mindset and body shape.

The simple truth is: people who are over-weight are over-eating.

And, you can just bet that anyone who is not at their natural body weight and shape is eating for some other reason than being hungry.

The Thomason Method will teach you specific proven skills for taking control back in your life and developing a healthful lifestyle.

This program is designed as a minimum 6-week lifestyle-change program that will allow you to:

  • Learn to listen to your body
  • Distinguish when your body is hungry
  • Install patterns for positive mental talk
  • Understand how your brain and nervous system work
  • Program a healthy new future
  • and so much more

So, how do you change your body weight and shape while continuing to eat?

This is not a DIET!

It is not about exercise.

It is not about herbal remedies.

It is a lifestyle choice and method that has worked for thousands, like you.


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