NLP Persuasion Series Workshop (1-Day ONLINE ZOOM)

Attend this 1-Day (ONLINE) NLP Persuasion Skills Enhancement Workshop.

Walk away with powerful new skills to transform your abilities and change your results in life.  Learn to communicate powerfully and persuasively.

Original price was: $137.00.Current price is: $87.00.

This 1-Day NLP Persuasion: Release Your Grief Workshop is Saturday, May 18, 9am-4pm, 2024 on ZOOM Online.  The workshop is designed to have you walk away having integrated patterns from modeling some of the world’s greatest communicators.  Learn specific NLP Patterns designed to transform your own abilities and help others clear old, stored, toxic programming that has prevented successful achievement in the past.  With these new skills, you can then focus on creating charisma, confidence, and extraordinary behavior. You will learn skills you can use immediately in your daily personal and business life, and all in the comfort and safety of your own home or office with NLP Master Trainer, Bill Thomason, ONLINE ZOOM meeting, 9am-4pm,   $87.

Learn basic NLP and Deep Level Listening Skills to elicit and install ABILITIES you want to model and acquire that expertise.  As always, you will also Influence with Integrity, gain Deep & Lasting Rapport with anyone, anywhere, any time, and use language to embed your message past conscious filtering.  Expect to be fully heard and to gain new confidence as you get more of what you congruently want in life.  ​

In this training, you will learn, specific skills that will allow you to gain deep and lasting skills and understand values and beliefs in order to help others and yourself.  Learn to gain deep and lasting rapport with anyone, anywhere, even with people you would have considered difficult in the past.

Become the Master of Your States as you listen in a new way that focuses on the deeper communication of your friends, spouse, clients, and customers, including what specifically to pay attention in order to get and maintain permission (rapport).

We will explore some basic skills for changing limiting beliefs and living more congruently from your values or core values. You will use these NLP Persuasion and Influence Skills for a lifetime.

Bill Thomason is your primary NLP trainer and is available to make sure you are learning efficiently.  Bill is an NLP Master Trainer and has worked with people from every walk of life including Fortune 500 executives across the US and Canada, who like you, are interested in creating more success, more fun, and more consistently rewarding results in life.

Register NOW!  Finally learn the basics of NLP and in the process develop your skills of persuasion, influence, and live a more productive, happy life.  Sponsored by Bill Thomason and NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute.

Original price was: $137.00.Current price is: $87.00.

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