TM Home Kit The Forgiveness Process

(Audio + PDF Manual)

This Thomason Method Home Kit is a full treatment of the forgiveness process including: Stages of Forgiveness, Reasons People Do Not Forgive, and answers to each objection so that you get back in alignment with your own values.


This is the Thomason Method: The Forgiveness Process audio download PLUS PDF manual…

When your past is in conflict with your present, forgiveness can change your world.

As long as you fail to forgive, you put yourself in a self-imposed jail.  Probably, no one else is suffering.

NOW, The Forgiveness Process can help you learn to forgive others and let go of old unresourceful grudges and angry motivations.

Most importantly, you can now forgive yourself. 

Do it for you, right NOW!

The Forgiveness Pattern audio plus Manual Home Kit is a powerful resource in discovering where you have been giving away your power and your passion.

With the power of Unconditional Forgiveness, you can finally restore you to being fully you again.


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