Total Win Negotiating©

This special ONLINE 2-Day Total-Win Negotiating© Workshop is Negotiating from the Total-Win Mindset©.

It was originally modeled from the concept of ‘Principled Negotiating’ developed by the Harvard School of Law – Negotiation Project.


This special ONLINE 2-day Total-Win Negotiating© Workshop is designed to give participants the basic skills to achieve desired outcomes and to communicate more effectively in their personal and business life.

Total-Win Negotiating© is a mindset that ‘switches the game’ from old adversarial negotiating models and creates a new mindset that makes sure all parties get their interests met.

Total-Win can be thought of as an “inner martial art.”  Total Win takes the negotiation from conflict to deep rapport and it can build any relationship stronger. 

Excellent Total-Win Negotiators take on the belief that, “There’s always more on the table than people realize.”

Even when emotions run high, mutually beneficial solutions become possible when parties realize they can come away with more than they initially thought possible.

The most effective negotiators are those who set out to achieve Total-Win outcomes.  They make sure everyone in the negotiation gets fully heard and they negotiate from a principled foundation.

AND: There’s no such thing as a Win-Lose Scenario.  Hard tactic negotiating styles are just not effective in today’s world.  When people experience loss from a negotiation, they tend to feel taken advantage of and they will ‘get you back.’  In that case, everyone loses.

Bill Thomason refined this dynamic model to make it much easier to understand, to integrate the model, and to enroll other parties into negotiating from a principled perspective.  It’s about getting on the same side of the table to solve problems together instead of from opposing positions.


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