Workshop: Core Decisional Repatterning©


Core Decisional Repatterning(c) is the foundational technology for the NLP Coaching work developed by Bill Thomason.


Core Decisional Repatterning(c), or CDR(c), is a profound-change technology designed around the understanding of the power of a ‘deep emotional decision.’

CDR(c) is a 9-Step Technology for discovering limitations in programming that have prevented a person from achieving what they say they want in life.

Even deep level programming from early life trauma can be changed in many cases.

CDR(c) is then a process for installing a new life-empowering decision.

Learn how to dramatically and profoundly change lives in only a few coaching sessions.

Attend this 2-Day weekend workshop if you are an NLP Practitioner, coach, counselor, nurse or just want to learn to help others make a deep level life change.

And ask about the 4-Day CDR© Certification class.


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