Forgiveness Pattern & Ancient Hawaiian Huna Process

(1-Day ONLINE event OR Weekend Workshop)

Some people in coaching experience being blocked and unable to move forward until they resolve issues of blame, anger, and holding grudges.

Forgiveness is the key.


Learn the skill of forgiveness.

Some people in coaching experience not being able to move forward until the blame, anger and violation against others or oneself are unhooked by forgiveness.

Sometimes people can hold grudges and resentment for a lifetime.

Forgiveness is not for the person that you need to forgive but releases the forgiver from his or her self-imposed prison.

Chances are the other person is not suffering.

This is how you have been giving your power away to the perpetrator of the violation.

The only true forgiveness is Unconditional Forgiveness.

As soon as you put the past completely in the past and can now get yourself free to live into a future of your own creation.

NOW you can live unencumbered by baggage from the past.

You will learn about a Forgiveness Scale.

When you can measure your level of Forgiveness against the scale and understand the 8 Reasons Why People Don’t Forgive, it is easier to make the choice to stop your own suffering and Forgive Unconditionally.

Now you can stop suffering and instead Forgive.

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