Release Pain Meditation (6-20)

Sometimes my NLP Coaching clients are not going to move forward until old stored pain and hurt have been released.  They are often so consumed by mind talk and bad feelins that they cannot focus.  Some people we all know are walking around while trying to work over the top of the old stored emotional pain.  We say that physical and emotional pain use the same neurological pathwarys.  It’s the same problem with other emotions, including fear. 

People have a Fight or Flight Syndrome where we can’t fight the historical dinosaur attacking us and at the same time we can’t run away really quickly.  Modern life has income tax, and confrontations with other business partners, bosses, or spouses that don’t allow us to act in a way we get to burn off the chemistry causes by that emotion, so it putrifies in our body.  That chemistry is stuck in our tissues and that is not healthy.  This process is effective at discharging all that old built-up negative emotion that causes the toxic chemistry in our physical body.

When there is so much anger, or other emotion, it tends to indicate that it would be good to start a daily meditation to focus on the hurt/pain/anger etc.  There is a theory that says there’s pain in your body at all times.  You can notice that there is pain in your big toes.  There’s discomfort, tension or some way you feel in your toes that can described as pain.  

You want to pull it from your toes and up into your foot. Visualize that and pull it up and out of your toes into your foot.  Feel it leave your big toes and then notice you can do the same with the other toes.  Pull it up into the balls of the feet around the heel, up over the top of your feet and into your ankles, and calves.  

You may notice color, movement, temperature, or other submodalities as you move it on up your calves, knees, and upper leg.  Pull it up, collecting it from everywhere in your body and moving up through hips, gut, lower back, mid and upper back.  Notice that as you do move it on up into your chest, etc., that your breathing has shifted, your jaw may clench, you may notice that you are swallowing.  

Understand that these are natural strategies for pushing emotion that could seem overwhelming on back down where you don’ t have to process it now.  But for now you want it come on up from your fingers, hands forearms, elbow and upper arm and it may seem that it is all squeaking through the point at the lower part of the throat (chakra point) and now you can let it come on up into your head, between your ears, behind your mouth and eyes, and as you let it all come on up into your head and notice that it can become a sound.  Make it out loud.

It might be a squeak, a yell, and tears may come.  It could be a hiss or hum, a grunt, or buzzing sound.  Let that out.  It should audibly come out of your mouth.  Make it out loud.  Get a pillow to yell or scram into if the sound will disturb family or neighbors, but make that sound and keep making it, until….  Don’t stop if your self-talk says that’s enough.  That’s just your mind talk.  Listen for your inner knowing.  Find a way to let the old stored emotion up and push it on out…until it is gone.

Get a clock if necessary and go for no more than 10 minutes at a time.  Give yourself a chance to release the old stored, toxic emotion every day or night before you sleep, for several days or weeks until you just can’t get it to come up anymore.

That will mean you have the old store emotion released enough to get down to a gentle boil.  You need some emotion to drive your personality and be charismatic, but you want current emotion, not the old stored stuff of a lifetime that’s been holding you back and that you’ve been trying to work over the top of all this time. The goal is to get free of the past so you can be free to stand in a present unencumbered and living and breathing freely so that you now are able to create a future to live into powerfully.  


Article by Bill Thomason(C), Revised June 2020


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