NLP Standard SWISH Pattern

One of the simplest and most effective Life-Change Patterns of NLP is the Standard Swish Pattern.  With this pattern, you will learn that you can change the way you feel about people and events.  For most people, this is a profound realization.  Yes, you can feel differently about things in only a few moments and the change will stay with you over time.

A Standard Swish Pattern relies on speed and repetition to slam the change into place.   The “swish” is done with one or two ‘driver submodalities’ simultaneously. The swish action should be done really fast (less than 2 seconds, and preferably in less than 1/2 second each time you repeat the action with full-body, congruent movement.  Standing is better.  The pattern won’t work if you don’t put yourself fully into this.

The Standard Swish Pattern uses size and brightness as it’s two primary drivers.  These are Visual Submodalities designed to affect you kinesthetically (your feeling sense). Again, speed is critical.

Here’s the pattern:

1. Identify an Unwanted State (any memory that when you think about it causes an unwanted state especially if it a person you dislike or do not hold in high regard). Step out of the picture (disassociate), if you were in it (associated).  Imagine a still frame picture on a large screen in front of you just as the Unwanted State begins.  Make the image about 4 feet by 4 feet and 3-4 feet away.

Anchor the state by noting where you feel it in your body as you imagine seeing the picture.  Notice the submodalities of the image. Represent the picture to yourself preferably in color and bright, as you are noticing how you feel about the person or event.  Imagine a handle on the picture and pull it down and to your left with your left hand and arm, allowing it to become smaller and smaller until it is outside your field of vision.  Note: Pull to the opposite side if you are left-handed.

2. Break State. Shake your arms and body. Look around focusing on objects that are around you.

3. Remember a Resourceful State, with a specific person (someone you do respect and hold in high regard) or a positive event. [Note: Ecology Check – pick someone or some event that will not create a serious problem if you feel less intensely about it or about the person. A best friend might not be the choice.]  Step out of it and imagine seeing a picture it on the screen, about 4 feet by 4 feet and 3-4 feet in front of you.  Add resources.  Choose any positive characteristics that enhance the effect and power of the resource state.  You can turn up the emotional intensity or make the color brighter, for example.

4. Associate to the Resource State picture.  Anchor by noting where you feel it in your body. Evaluate to make sure the Resource State is sufficient. Add more resources if necessary.  Now, imagine you can create a handle and pull the ‘resource image’ down and to the right smaller and smaller (opposite side from ‘unwanted image’) and leave it there for a moment.

5. Pull up the Unwanted State picture. Let go so that it stays in place in front of you.

6. Grab the handle on the Resource State picture and get ready to pull it up and across the Unwanted State picture really fast (across your body).

7. NOW, pull the Resource State picture up really fast to cover the Unwanted State picture, large and bright, and say “sswwiiisshh!!!’; loud and congruent.  Let the Unwanted State picture be fully covered by the Resource State image.

8. DO IT AGAIN…and Again, UNTIL… Repeat until you cannot access the Unwanted State anymore (at least 5 to 10 times, faster and faster, saying ‘swish’ loudly each time).  Break State.

9. Future Pace. Imagine a future without the Unwanted State. Answer the question, “How specifically is your life different now?”

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