It’s natural that we are all a bit worried about what is going to happen next in this time of the Coronavirus.  People have been fearful, anxious, and worried.  That’s bad for the immune system. 

So, what can we do to keep a good attitude and build a strong immune response in the face of this difficult social situation?

Here’s one simple tool:

Think in terms of what thoughts you allow in your brain and the effect those thoughts have on your nervous system, body chemistry, and your immune health.  The thing is that you really only have to manage 7 plus or minus 2 bits of information at any one particular moment in time.  That’s only 5 to 9 things you have to choose differently when old negative thoughts and judgments start popping into your mind.  

Refocus your thoughts on something else, like one of your peak states.  Can you remember a time, a specific time, when something really wonderful happened.  Maybe you were by the lake with friends or had a romantic dinner or won a spelling contest, etc. 

Notice that as soon as you re-experience the moment, notice how you feel inside.  Let yourself have those good feelings and anchor the state in some way like making a fist and saying “YES!” as you let those good feelings move through your body. 

Do it again and again until you can reproduce that great state anywhere, anytime.  The more you allow yourself to experience positive states this way, the stronger your immune system is becoming because you are using your brain to change your body chemistry.

Remember that Mind and Body are Interrelated and Affect Each Other.  One of the NLP Presuppositions is that; ‘There is no MIND; There’s Only BODY!‘ and the corollary is, “There is no BODY; there’s Only MIND!’  Generally, people don’t even know they control of their thoughts and therefore their feelings.

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