Frame Games
(Weekend Workshop)

Frame Games – We all play games.  Sometimes we all take the games we are playing way too seriously!

Do you recognize when your games are toxic?

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$237 ZOOM format $87

Frame Games is a 2-Day Weekend Workshop. The kinds of games we play with each other can be fun and positive in nature or they can be ‘toxic.’


If you think of difficulty in a relationships as a game, you can take the seriousness out of it.  You can get free and be more positive.

The outcome of this workshop is to explore your Frame Games and change the ones that are toxic.

This Frame Game Workshop will teach you a specific set of questions that will surface underlying motivations and secondary gains.

This compelling workshop will challenge what you have come to accept as normal behavior and explore how you have been playing big or small, safe or reckless, controlling or in denial, in alignment with your own values or not,  and how toxic your interactions are.with people. 

First, it useful to view the serious matters of life as a game you are playing and that takes the edge off.  You get more resources available to you win you can take a break from being so serious about what you view as problems and just get free to consider new possibilities. 

Second, when has answered the profile questions and have become really conscious of your complicity in problem behaviors and situations, you can then decide what you’d rather have happen.

Third, you will get a chance to formulate a new plan for your future behavior.

This workshop is modeled after the work of Michael L Hall, prolific developer and NLP pioneer. 

Register NOW!  Bill Thomason 602 321-7192 or one of his certified NLP training staff will be your trainer for this life changing workshop.


Your NLP Trainer will guide you through the Frame Game process and facilitate your choice to play a better, more empowering game.

$237  $87 ZOOM format

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