Conversational Belief-Change

In this 1-Day ONLINE ZOOM Conversational Belief-Change Workshop, you will learn specific patterns for persuasion and influence.

Language patterns tend to break the rules of English and induce a brief trance state giving the opportunity to embed programming past conscious filters.


Conversational Belief-Change (1-Day ONLINE)

This Conversational Belief-Change is the Language Patterns of NLP with your ONLINE ZOOM invitation for this1-Day workshop 9am-4pm.  You will learn specific patterns for persuasion and influence and including language patterns that tend to break the rules of English including Presuppositions, Mind Reads, Lost Performatives, Modal Operators, Embedded Commands, Sleight of Mouth Patterns and more as we also model the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H Erickson, MD.  (Note: This 1-Day workshop is temporarily replacing the Language Patterns of NLP 2-Day live workshop.)

You will practice these specific linguistic patterns and hear them coming out of your mouth so that neural pathways are formed to support new learning and integration at many levels of your mind/body and personality.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to practice is the way to embed and integrate these language patterns until they become natural habit in your speaking and behavior.

This is also an excellent opportunity to brush-up and greatly expand upon the skills that are taught in the NLP Master Practitioner Certification training.

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