NLP Persuasion Skills

(1-Day ONLINE ZOOM Workshop)

Attend this 1-Day (ONLINE) NLP Persuasion Skills & Dreaming Body Rapport workshop.

Learn powerful NLP Persuasion Skills to influence with integrity as you gain deep and lasting rapport with anyone, anywhere, anytime.  NOW YOU CAN… change your results quickly and easily.

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This 1-day (ONLINE) NLP Persuasion Skills Workshop is designed to have you walk away with skills you will use immediately in your daily personal and business life.

Dreaming Body Work models the work of Arnold Mindell.  Enter the Dream Body Field of clients, friends, colleagues and facilitate change as you learn to connect with deep and lasting ‘rapport’   Learn to gain deep and lasting rapport with anyone, anywhere, even with people you would have considered difficult in the past.

In this training, you will learn, simple, easy-to-utilize skills, that will allow you to become the master of your own states and influence others with integrity.  These skills can give you the confidence to act decisively and to help others change debilitating beliefs and values that have held them back from achieving their life’s desires.

Bill Thomason will be your trainer.  Bill has worked with people from every walk of life including Fortune 500 executives across the US and Canada, who like you, are interested in creating more success, more fun, and more consistently rewarding results in life.  You will experience being heard and encouraged to succeed.

Register right NOW! to finally learn how NLP can help you get more of what you want in your life.  When you are persuasive and influential, others will be attracted and want to help you get what you want.

*** And you can also make the decision to attend the NLP Practitioner Certification Training, another one of our other training workshops, or you can schedule an NLP Coaching Agreement with Bill or one of his associates.

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